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3D Design & Installation

White Oak has always had a passion for custom design/build projects. There's nothing more satisfying than taking an area that's poorly-developed, out of date or even a brand new blank slate and turning it into a prized feature of your property. 

Our one-of-a-kind 3D design program allows our clients the ability to truly experience their outdoor living space before we even break ground! With real life "to-scale" renderings, all guess work is eliminated and our clients know EXACTLY what they'll be getting!

For our larger projects, we love putting together "big picture" plans and walking our clients through each phase. These projects can be completed all at once or over the course of years, depending on the client's budget and time preferences.

We've also had much success in small-scale enhancement projects. No job is too big or small--we are just eager to develop relationships in the community and honor those whom we serve.

If you've always dreamed of a more attractive or up-to-date property, or if you just have a few questions about our installation services, please feel free to contact us, and we'd love to discuss your needs.

McLain - Design
3D Design

Swimming Pools & Spas

White Oak has been honored to work with a number of residents in the greater Birmingham area in fulfilling their dream to have the perfect home swimming pool. We offer the design and installation of more traditional fiberglass pools as well as completely customizable concrete pools.

Modern Water Feature
water feature after

Water Features

White Oak has the tools and know-how to design and build any style water feature. From the wild and free-flowing to the clean, symetrical and refined, White Oak uses the finest materials and equipment to bring your imagination to life.

Water Feature 2
Water Feature
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Awnings, Pavillions & Pergolas

Let's face it--Alabama summers can be brutal. There's no better way to keep cool than to build a custom shade structure! White Oak's pergolas, awnings and pavillions are a great way to extend the comfort of your house outdoors.


Anderson 3D
job 22
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Patios, Decks & Walkways

Hardscapes are a simple yet effective way to create a feel of stability and permanence in an outdoor area.  With several material options like flagstone, pavers, concrete, travertine and bluestone adding a hardscape area to your home is a simple way to add value.

job 36

Outdoor Kitchens

Creating an outdoor cooking area is one of the best ways to truly make the outdoors feel like an extension of your home. From the small scale food prep areas, to the full scale neighborhood grilling meccas, let White Oak maximize the value of your home with a new outdoor kitchen!

Fire Features

There are several cost-effective ways to integrate a beautiful fire feature into your outdoor design. Gas-burning fire urns add a luxurious touch, while larger features like a full fireplace add a more practical value by extending the outdoor entertaining seasons into the colder months.